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Lake Narracan Resort

Newborough, VIC 3825


What returns are available?

12% fixed return per annum

10% bonus at the end of the term

Investment structure

12% fixed return per annum

3-year term

$100K minimum investment

Payments begin immediately – you do not have to wait for completion Capital is repaid at the end of the term, alongside a 10% bonus (Full details in the IM).

Monthly payments are made on the last business day of each month, 1 month in arrears, directly into your nominated account

There are no additional costs or fees to you

Fixed Income Residential

Star Investment Group (SIG)


Star Investment Group are a property fund based out of Victoria that invests across a broad range of property projects which are diversified by property type, sector, geographic location and development scenery. The investor funds are used in property projects. 

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*The final development may be subject to change.

Security of your Investment

Star Investment Group owns the development land for Lake Narracan resort. All investments are secured against land in the lake Narracan project.

Project Site : Lake Narracan – Newborough, VIC 3825

SIG’s central development project is the Lake Narracan Resort. This project is has 11 phases of development of which 6 are complete. The exclusive location and proximity to Moe town centre and train station, it provides a convenient lifestyle and ease of access to all amenities and recreational activities like Airports, retail outlets and sports clubs.

Lake Narracan Resort site is 44.4 Hectares of land in size bounded by Lake Narracan from North and East, by Sullivans Track from West and by Moe-Yallourn Trail from South.

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