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Questions about Mountain Assets services and expertise.

Whether you are an experienced investor seeking new ventures or are exploring investment possibilities for the first time, our goal is to support you throughout your journey. Transparency and excellence are the cornerstones of our operations, and we aim to deliver thorough responses to your questions. Below, you will find a thoughtfully curated list of frequently asked questions, encompassing various aspects of our company, projects, and investment strategies. In the event that you require further clarification or have specific queries, our courteous customer support team is at your service, ready to provide personalized assistance.

What is Mountain Assets and what services do they provide?

Mountain Assets is an ethical finance brokerage that connects private wholesale & Sophisticated investors with property developers in the NDIS and commercial property spaces. They link investors with income-generating opportunities in the property sector.

How does Mountain Assets connect investors with property developers?

Mountain Assets acts as a bridge between private wholesale investors and property developers. They identify and represent developers in NDIS and commercial projects and provide qualifying investors with the opportunity to invest in these projects through research and due diligence and creating robust investment structures securing returns while keeping risks low.

What is the investment structure?

Our projects are structured using a single-asset trust accompanied with a loan note for investors. The Trust serves as a legal entity that represents all investors in that project, and it holds ownership of the development site on behalf of the investors. The loan note fixes the return rate and redemption date for our all investors. 

What types of projects does Mountain Assets focus on?

Mountain Assets specializes in projects within the NDIS and commercial property sectors. They have represented developers in multiple NDIS projects across Australia and have also been involved in hotel and commercial projects.

How can investors earn passive income through Mountain Assets' projects?

Qualifying investors have the opportunity to receive passive income through developer partners’ projects. By investing capital in these projects, investors can benefit from the returns generated by the development and improvement of NDIS accommodation and commercial properties.

How many NDIS and commercial projects has Mountain Assets been involved in?

According to their website, Mountain Assets has represented developers in 24 NDIS projects in 7 cities across Australia, as well as hotel and commercial projects in Australia and the near Pacific region.

What are the criteria for qualifying investors to participate in Mountain Assets' projects?

The specific criterion for qualifying investors is detailed on this page or can be discussed with the team directly. It’s recommended to reach out to Mountain Assets to learn more about the requirements for investor qualification.

What is the expected return on investment for investors?

The returns are fixed between 10% to 15% but may be more in certain projects.

Where is Mountain Assets located?

How can I contact Mountain Assets for more information?

You can contact Mountain Assets by calling 1800 988 014 or emailing them at

Are there any fees or charges associated with investing through Mountain Assets?

Mountain Assets do not charge any fees to investors.

Is Mountain Assets a licensed and regulated entity?

Yes, Mountain Asset Partners Pty Ltd ABN 14 652 860 298 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (1302348) of Harvey Madison Capital Pty Ltd AFSL 517661, ABN 19 631 405 386 for ALAMMC and Star Investment Group projects.

Mountain Asset Partners 2 Pty Ltd ACN 669 941 904 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (1304884) of Rhodes Asset Management Pty Ltd AFSL 464772, ACN 165 917 813 for Sumo Fund projects.

What is the process for investing with Mountain Assets?

The specific process for investing with Mountain Assets may vary depending on the project and investment opportunity. It is best to reach out to Mountain Assets directly to discuss the investment process in detail or Click here for our open offers.

Are there any risks associated with investing in NDIS and commercial property projects?

Investing in any project carries inherent risks. It is important to carefully consider the risks and conduct thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions. It is advisable to seek independent financial advice and review all relevant information provided by Mountain Assets. Mountain Assets does not provide financial or investment advice.

Can you provide examples or case studies of successful projects facilitated by Mountain Assets?

Please click here to view our previous successful projects or talk to our advisers for a walk through. 

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