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Oxenford, QLD

NDIS Michigan Drive – QLD, 28 Michigan Drive, Oxenford, QLD 4210


Fixed Income NDIS

ALAMMC (ALAMMC Developments)


ALAMMC are experienced, NDIS focused, property developers and are committed to delivering Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) projects. Director, David McWilliams, has 30 years of experience in finance and property development alongside the creation of health & welfare-based charities such as the “Standing with You Foundation’’ (which deals with shortfalls in housing to escape domestic violence) & “Got Your Back Gold Coast” (a community charity). These accreditations, added to the previous NDIS build knowledge (includes NDIS 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18 & 22 – all addresses below) put the business in a great position to continue to assist NDIS participants to lead a more independent life that is close to their homes, friends & family.

Unlike residential investments, ALAMMC will secure a 10-year commercial lease over the entire project. This secures the participants & their rental payments which are supported by the government via the NDIS.

Our current Opportunity, Oxenford, QLD

*The final development may be subject to change.

What returns are available?

10% fixed return per annum, paid monthly

3-year term

15% bonus at the end of the term with the return of capital

No additional costs or fees

Investment structure

10% fixed return per annum, paid monthly

3-year term

$100K minimum investment

Payments begin immediately – you do not have to wait for completion Capital is repaid at the end of the term, alongside a 15% bonus (Full details in the IM).

Monthly payments are made on the last business day of each month, 1 month in arrears, directly into your nominated account

There are no additional costs or fees

Key Build Facts

ALAMMC are building 6 x 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom units and 1 x Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) Apartment

The site will accommodate a maximum of 12 NDIS High Physical Needs participants with overnight carer accommodation

The site has been purchased by ALAMMC. It is zoned R60 & is vacant and ready for construction with an approved DA. Land size is ca.1957sqm

The property is situated minutes from the beach & local attractions. It is close to a transport hub and a short walk to shops, parks, schools & restaurants

Estimated completion date: Q1 2026

The Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity to attribute your investor funds to providing an outcome for those in need while receiving a secured, fixed income. Demand for NDIS High Physical Support accommodation remains very high and continues to be a challenge for individual participants and their families. The Governments’ most recent report shows that there are 2,200 SDA approved participants in QLD with a current shortfall of 950 rooms for participants to assist them to lead an independent life.

The building is to be fitted out with overnight carer quarters and all high physical needs rooms are to be entirely voice activated. This superior level of finish attracts the highest funding bracket under the NDIS.

The net rental income for all units is ca.$750k per annum from the NDIS and the entire project has a realized completed value of ca.$21.4million.

It is anticipated that it will be built and occupied by Q2 2026 and will be immediately sold or re-financed. The developer is seeking private investor funds to raise $9.97million to complete this project.

See below an artistic impression of the block based on the DA plan. n.b. all images shown are for illustrative purposes only

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