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Redstone Co Living Netural Bay are known for disrupting traditional housing norms and creating contemporary, sustainable living spaces.

The property will include a reinstated bar, laundromat, café, basement karaoke bar, and 78 co-living apartments. The company is seeking to raise $15 Million in investor funding. Investors will receive monthly interest payments, with an option to exit or over a 3-year investment with a 9% annual return. There is also an opportunity to convert to equity with a 5% uplift at the end of the 3-year term. Investors will have first mortgage security.

Co-living spaces are contemporary residential models where like-minded individuals share living spaces, offering luxury accommodation and amenities in urban areas. They provide convenience, affordability, a sense of community, and opportunities for personal and professional development. Co-living promotes sustainability and fosters a vibrant social environment. As a growing global trend, investing in co-living spaces presents an appealing opportunity with strong rental yields and potential for value appreciation.

Mountain Asset Partners invites investors to join them in revolutionizing the Australian living environment.

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*The final development may be subject to change.

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