Project Highlights


Project Highlights

Investing in the Future

At Mountain Assets, our commitment to ethical and profitable property investments is exemplified through our diverse portfolio of projects across Australia. These projects are carefully curated and currently span various stages of development.

Some of our projects are in the exciting early stages of planning and design, where others have progressed into the construction phase, where we are actively turning blueprints into reality. 

We understand that staying informed about project milestones is crucial for our investors. As we continue to make progress, we will keep you updated on each project’s journey. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the near future.

Gympie Project Update - August 2023


Tenants have been moved from site and the demolition of the existing premises are complete in anticipation of work commencing.

Gympie Project Update Birds Eye View - August 2023
Dee Why


Work is accelerating at this suburban Sydney site. The slab has been laid and mezzanine, structural pylons installed. Walls will start being added meaning the site is not far away from lock up and should be completed in the early part of next year.

Noth Coogee Project Update - August 2023
North Coogee


Work is progressing rapidly at Coogee. All civils are completed and work on footings and lift shafts are underway.

Mackay Project Update - August 2023


Both sites are 80% complete and are at internal completion stage. Soon kitchen and electrical work will commence, then landscaping.

Our Project Highlights showcase our commitment to generating passive income for investors while making a meaningful difference in the lives of Australians through purpose-built accommodations.


Invest in the Future

Mountain Assets is an ethical finance brokerage based in Sydney, Australia. Our team consists of experts with a combined professional experience of 30 years, who have a diverse background in promoting various asset classes globally. While we have expertise in the healthcare and disability accommodation industry, we are also well-versed in commercial property projects. 

Why Invest in Our Current Projects?
  1. Ethical Investments: Our projects are designed with purpose, creating accommodations that positively impact disadvantaged Australians.
  2. Lucrative Returns: Benefit from stable, long-term income streams while your investment grows.
  3. Experienced Management: Our team of experts ensures projects are managed efficiently, reducing risks and optimising returns.

To find out more about out current open projects, contact our expert team today. 

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