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Mountain Assets is a boutique firm, distinguished by our bespoke solutions and first-class execution of NDIS projects across Australia. We are proud to present an exclusive opportunity in Dee Why, North Sydney with New Life Baptist Church & George Group (the Project’s Architect Manager).

The vision of this project is to create a new purpose-built property for National Disability Insurance Scheme participants who are seeking the very best in disability accommodation. In doing so, we hope to work towards alleviating the drastic shortage of such accommodation on the Northern Beaches and, at the same time, set the standard for future developments.

The project, through its specialist consultants and advisors, will develop the accommodation for disabled persons, where rental payments are made on their behalf under the NDIS. The property will target the above average residential market rates which are published by the NDIS for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Rental terms for this type of accommodation are typically longer than standard residential leasing terms. The project has engaged SDA Home Choices (SDAHC) to ensure high tenancy occupation rates for the project.

SDAHC is an NDIS accredited Specialist Disability Accommodation housing provider which operates under the NDIS Quality and safeguard commission rules to safely accommodate and protect persons with disabilities.

SDAHC have provided commercial advisory services to the project to ensure the most suitable design is achieved by The George Group Pty. Ltd. Final changes are in progress, and when completed, this project will be certified as SDA- high physical support with onsite overnight assistance. However, the design can accommodate a diverse array of tenants with disabilities.

The NDIS is an initiative that is funded by both the Commonwealth and State Governments and as such, rental returns are securely backed on the condition that the NDIS participant and housing provider remain eligible. This makes SDA an attractive, stable investment in comparison to standard residential tenancy accommodation.

The property development project involves the construction and leasing of Specialist Disability Accommodation on a property in Dee Why NSW for NDIS participants who have high needs for support and who are entitled to access SDA funding under the NDIS. Many of those who would be entitled to SDA funding under the NDIS are not living in SDA rather, the majority rely on social housing, aged care accommodation, individual private rental arrangements or living with family.

The Dee Why site has been selected due to the significant unmet demand for SDA on the Northern Beaches. Research revealed a significant undersupply of new built disability accommodation and a volume of potential tenants with significant physical impairment eligible for this product.

With the cost of land being so high in Dee Why and surrounding areas it appears highly unlikely there will be an oversupply in the upcoming years i.e., the high land value is a significant barrier to entry where land must be purchased for development as SDA. The location is deemed highly desirable for persons with disability due to its proximity to all accessible amenities, access to allied health care professionals and is also within the catchment area of the newly completed Northern Beaches Hospital.

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